Monday, July 07, 2008

Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum

Just a short musing on this historic day, one year ago when the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI issued the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, liberating the Traditional Latin Mass.

Reading reports about the application of this motu proprio elsewhere, especially in certain parts of Europe, North America, Australia, and the Philippines, we have much to thank God. However, much remains to be done especially in regions where the resistance and disobedience of bishops and their respective episcopal conferences have hampered the possible growth of the TLM. Under this list would include the bishops of Malaysia, on their recent ad limina visit to the Apostolic See, who told the Pope that they have no time to teach Latin in the seminaries.

Much remains to be done and prayed for. And we certainly hope the Pope will not just lead by example (by celebrating a Solemn Papal Mass in St. Peter's, perhaps?), but also crack the whip against opposing bishops.

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