Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sexagesima Sunday

For February 11, 2007 which is Sexagesima Sunday, we are going to sing:

  1. Procession: O Thou Immortal Holy Light
  2. Asperges me
  3. Introit: Exsurge quare obdormis
  4. Kyrie XI (Orbis Factor)
  5. Gradual: Sciant gentes
  6. Tract: Commovisti
  7. Credo IV
  8. Offertory: Perfice gressus meos
  9. Offertory hymn: Ubi caritas et amor
  10. Sanctus XI (Orbis Factor)
  11. Agnus Dei XI (Orbis Factor)
  12. Communion hymn: Was Magnificat with antiphon Vobis datum est. Now changed to Benedictus Qui Venit
  13. Communion: Introibo
  14. Recession: Hail, Jesus, Hail
Click on the links to hear samples where available.

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