Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Membership information

If you are interested in participating in this ministry, please contact Cyril at +60 16-361-9104 or send a message to cyrilaugustineyee at gmail dot com for more details.

Requirements for Membership:

  • Male (for the Mass propers), regardless of age, as long as determined by the Choir to be able to sing in tune. Under usual circumstances, females are not allowed to sing the Mass propers, but may do so for the hymns, sacred polyphony and Mass ordinary (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus). Thus, males and females are encouraged to join us.
  • Practicing Catholic.
  • Attendance at practices and scheduled liturgical celebrations at the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sungai Buloh. We take our practices very seriously as we want to glorify God and edify the faithful for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, rather than being a source of distraction and annoyance to the senses. Members would not be allowed to sing if they have not practiced beforehand. The principle we take is, we'd rather not sing than to sing badly and distract the faithful.
    • Practices every week (about 1-2 hours each).

Required Equipment:

  • Your voice.

We do not desire for membership to be cost prohibitive, so music sheets will be provided.

Current Members:
  • Cyril Yee
  • Daryl Lim
  • Gabriel Lim
  • Isaac Teng
  • Jason Undan (away for studies)
  • Nigel Lim

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