Saturday, January 21, 2012

Steve Jobs on Gregorian Chant

Excerpt from this article:

In March 2011, after the iPad2 came out, Isaacson sat with Jobs as he scrolled through some of his favorite music. From page 413:

"We went through the usual Dylan and Beatles favorites, then he became more reflective and tapped on a Gregorian chant, 'Spiritus Domini,' performed by Benedictine monks. For a minute or so he zoned out, almost in a trance. 'That's really beautiful,' he murmured."

Jobs goes on to discuss Bach, his favorite classical composer, and the differences in the two famous recordings of the Goldberg Variations made by Glenn Gould. I'm fascinated that Jobs seems to simply be sitting at the feet of this music, just taking it in. I was kind of surprised by this paragraph, because in other parts of the book Isaacson documents how Jobs owned a historic mansion that he wanted to tear down to build a modern house. He was resisted by preservationists, and by the time he won the court battle he had lost interest in the project, but he clearly didn't care about a beautiful historic house. So here is this guy with a revolutionary, possibly even iconoclastic, spirit who liked to call people bozos and products garbage who listens to a Gregorian chant and just says, "That's really beautiful."

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