Wednesday, February 03, 2010

SSPX Asia Italy 2010 Pilgrimage

The SSPX District of Asia announces its

Pilgrimage to the

Holy Shroud and to Italian Shrines

May 16 – 29, 2010


May 16 Departure from Singapore at 23:45 for Milan on SQ 378

May 17 Visit of Milan: Cathedral, Museum, churches, St Augustine, St Ambrose

immagine per Carlo Crivelli a Brera Church of Sant'Ambrogio, Milano

May 18 Torino: Holy Shroud, Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christian, incorrupt body of Don Bosco

May 19 Padua: St Anthony, tomb of St Luke Evangelist

May 20 Ravena, Rimini

May 21 Loreto, House of our Lady

May 22 Lanciano, San Givanni Rotondo, Monte Gargano

May 23 Mugnano: Mass at St Philomena’s shrine

May 24 - 27 Rome, Cascia, Catacombs

May 28 Departure from Rome airport at 12 noon for Singapore


600 euros for the pilgrimage proper which includes: bus, 3 star hotels and SSPX priories, breakfast and evening dinner, two per room (in hotels – in Rimini and Albano, it varies), and of course, daily mass. Tour guide: Fr. Couture. The price is for each pilgrim of a group of 40 people. We can take a maximum of 50. In which case, there will be a little refund. If we are less than 40, the price will be slightly higher.

A group airfare is being inquired for those who want to travel on the precise dates and to and from the mentioned cities given above. If you arrive earlier and/or leave later, or from other cities, you will need to get your own ticket.

Dead line to fill in and send the form : Feb. 10.

Fr. D. Couture

Registration form for the Italy 2010 Pilgrimage

of the District of Asia

Please write in block letters

A) Personal Information

Full name as it is in Passport: ___ _____________

Address: ____ _________


City _____ ____ Zip code ___________ Country _____ ____________

Passport no. _____ _______________ Exp. Date____ ______________________________

Date of birth ___ ____ Male __ Female _ Nationality ____ ________

Email address ____ _____ _____________________________ Telephone_____________

B) Pilgrimage matters

Mandatory Insurance : I have taken a medical and repatriation insurance: Yes ___ No ___

Deposit : I have enclosed 100 euros as my deposit and I know that this is non refundable : _ ____

Flights details:

· [ ] I want to join the group booking

· [ ] I already know the details of my flights:

o Arrival in Milan

§ [ ] By plane: date_ ____ Airline______

o flight no time

§ [ ] By other means. I will meet you at the hotel

o Departure from Rome (or elsewhere) __________date

o Airline flight no. time

· [ ] I do not yet know the details of my flights but will let you know as soon as possible.

Hotel rooms:

· I would like an individual room, and I am ready to pay the supplement of approx. 100 euros __________

· I want to share a room with (name) ______________________________________________

· If there are rooms with 3 beds, I would like to share them with __________________ and _____________________

Special requests:

Special food or medical or any other matters that Fr. Couture needs to know:__________________________________



In case of emergency, contact person (name and telephone): _ ______________________________________________

Before February 10, 2010

Please give this form with the 100 euro deposit to Fr. Couture.

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